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It is never too early to start preparing for college.

Membership in our College Planning Program ensures that your child is being adequately prepared for success in high school, college and beyond. Our customized curriculum is focused on enhancing your child's academic and professional skill set while walking them through each step of the college preparation process.

After joining The Society, you will no longer need to second-guess whether or not your child's high school counseling program is providing the high-touch support that your child deserves.

Preparing to be a competitive applicant for college is no longer as simple as having good grades and test scores. Through The Society College Planning Curriculum, your child will learn:

  • How to effectively develop their involvement and leadership in a focused way that will result in a clear application theme and allow them to stand out among other college applicants
  • How to deeply explore potential careers and areas of interest in order to determine the best fit college major
  • How to execute every important college preparation task associated with their current grade level and the time of year
  • How to evaluate their application through the eyes of a university admissions officer
  • How to craft the best college list using strategy and research techniques

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