You want to confirm that your child is on track to attend their dream college but aren't sure where to begin.


Empowered 4 College is the go-to resource for every step of the college planning process from freshman year to high school graduation.








Hi, I’m Ashleigh!

As a University of Michigan senior admissions officer, I regularly met families who were misinformed about the college admissions process and requirements. I often thought, "If I could have only spoken to this parent a year or two earlier, it would have saved them from the common pitfalls that will now impact their child's admissions chances."


I founded Empowered 4 College to ensure that your family has early access to the most important information regarding curriculum selection, standardized testing, resume development, financial aid and more.


As your personal college application strategist, I will assist you and your family with developing a strategic college admissions plan tailored for your student's academic profile, interests, and goals.


More About Me

The college application process is becoming more competitive each year with some of the most popular universities now receiving nearly 100,000 applications in a season. 


Help your student to stand out by taking advantage of Empowered 4 College's free resources, Facebook group, and private coaching services that are guaranteed to place your child on the path toward college admissions success!

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"Ashleigh was very helpful, guiding and positive through the process. She is very good and is experienced in guiding kids and parents equally well. We are so glad we found her and will highly recommend her services."



"Ashleigh's input was invaluable to my daughter as it related to her personal essay and gave her the confidence she needed to apply. Having her professional advice and feedback was reassuring and helped us feel like we were on the right track in the admissions process. Thank you for your encouraging spirit!"



 University of Michigan, Class of 2025

"I was really overwhelmed by the essays, particularly the personal were really helpful with giving more of a direction to my writing and making it personal by helping me actually incorporate passions I thought colleges wouldn’t want to hear about. I’m sure all your help on essays got me accepted to more colleges than I would have been otherwise."



Johns Hopkins University Doctoral Candidate, Class of 2026

"Ashleigh ensured the most personal aspect of my application was truly a representation of my past and future accomplishments. She identified activities in my past that I didn’t even think to mention that helped elevate my overall application package. Ashleigh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work.

You won’t be disappointed!"