About Me

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor and hold a Master’s in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Higher Education. I worked as both a senior admissions counselor and application reader for the University of Michigan's Office of Undergraduate Admissions and reviewed tens of thousands of applications for a variety of programs including the liberal arts (LSA), engineering, nursing, and kinesiology. In my senior counselor role, I managed recruitment and reviewed applications for territories in the U.S., China, Hong Kong and India.


Working for the University of Michigan exposed me to the increasingly competitive nature of the college admissions process. During my time with the university, I found that many students are inadequately prepared for the application process and high school counselors often have too many students to provide personalized guidance. 


While counselors and teachers can assist with essays and basic questions, only a former admissions counselor will understand the strategic approach required for the increasingly competitive college admissions process. Schedule an appointment to discuss how I can assist your child!

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